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Gomae: Japanese spinach & sesame salad

Gomae is a dish found all over Japan and it’s mainly served as a side. I actually like it as a lunch in it’s own right, or consider cooking up a piece of salmon or some miso aubergines to accompany this green dream. It’s suuuuuuper duper easy to make and only uses a few ingredients. […]

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Pan con tomate

All time favourite snack, ever. I’m not too sure this can be called a recipe since it’s so easy and there are so many versions out there, but I wanted to share it here since it’s something I snack on very often. And this is a low FODMAP version, since the original involves a lot […]

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A big green tart

Does anyone else obsessively watch MasterChef Australia? If you don’t, and you’re a fan of cooking shows, you have to get on it immediately – I promise you’ll love it. It’s so good that it makes me embarrassed of the British one. Every week there are new challenges; it’s always changing, doesn’t get repetitive and […]

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