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Crispy oyster mushrooms

IT’S FRIDAY! So, put down your laptop, power suit and microwaveable soup container and replace them with your boyfriend’s underpants, Netflix and indulgent snacks. And boy, oh boy, have I got the ultimate low FODMAP Friday night snack for you. Basically what happened was that I had a very questionable punnet of oyster mushrooms in […]

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Courgette and turmeric pancakes

These little courgette and turmeric pancakes make a great light lunch and are brilliant to have lying around at BBQs – just cut the pancakes into wedges and people can grab and dip, leaving their other hand free for an Aperol. But I also quite like these as an alternative breakfast now and again when […]

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Pecorino, rosemary and garlic popcorn

Popcorn is one of those foods that spans all ages. Kids love grabbing handfuls of it and adults like nibbling on it whilst they sip cocktails in nice bars. It’s brilliant on the go or at home. It’s cheap, accessible and not unhealthy (until I got my grubby mits on it) and it’s great either […]

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