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Lactose free paneer

You know when you get a bit obsessed with something? I mean, it happens around cheese a fair bit I suppose, doesn’t it? Well, I recently learned out how to make lactose free paneer, realised how ludicrously easy it is, and now can’t stop. Won’t stop. Paneer is a soft, fresh cheese usually found in […]

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Romantic rosemary rösti

I’ve heard a lot of people say their number one piece of advice to achieving a happy marriage is to never go to sleep on an argument. Well, mine is to never start your day without sharing breakfast. Every morning, I set my alarm half an hour earlier than I’d ordinarily need to, so that […]

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Whole salt baked snapper with salsa verde

Us Brits love a Sunday roast, don’t we? But what to do when it’s a glorious summer day and thick, hot gravy swimming inside steaming Yorkshire puds just isn’t doing it for you? Introducing my ultimate summertime Sunday roast – a whole snapper, baked in a salt crust, served with a cool and zingy salsa […]

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Gomae: Japanese spinach & sesame salad

Gomae is a dish found all over Japan and it’s mainly served as a side. I actually like it as a lunch in it’s own right, or consider cooking up a piece of salmon or some miso aubergines to accompany this green dream. It’s suuuuuuper duper easy to make and only uses a few ingredients. […]

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