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Preserved lemon & chilli spaghetti

Those autumn nights are rolling in fast and so, spaghetti. The jury seems to be out about gluten free spaghetti, doesn’t it? I personally think it’s great and particularly like those ones that take a totally new view and use unexpected ingredients, such as the corn, brown rice and quinoa one by Garofalo and the […]

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Sumac lamb rump flatbreads

I’ve absolutely loved having a choice of top-quality meats to cook with, courtesy of the wonderful Jones, The Butcher, who are now offering UK-wide delivery of carefully curated meat boxes. Lamb rump is a meat not usually found in supermarkets, but is available from top quality butchers like Jones. It’s often referred to as an […]

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Baked eggs with aubergine, pomegranate and tahini

It seems like these days, having a signature baked eggs recipe up your sleeve is part of the pathway to adulthood. A stamp in your I’m-a-grown-up passport. A notch on your I’ve-got-my-shit-together bedpost. Well, here’s mine. The first baked eggs recipe I ever made was an Ottolenghi one and so it makes sense that the […]

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