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Something sweet

Rhubarb cornflake tart

Chocolate custard, potato smilies, chicken supreme. They’ve all earned a straight pass into the school dinner hall of fame, just like today’s recipe, the beloved cornflake tart. It’s golden, sticky, crispy and crumbly and I don’t know about you, but at my school, it spread like those rumours about Jenny Atkins* behind the bike shed […]

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Gooey lemon squares

Here’s a super easy baking recipe for you! I’m lucky enough to live right by the incredible Mediterranean Food Centre in Streatham Hill and they just got a big delivery of the most divine Eureka lemons from South Africa. So I grabbed a bag-full and decided to turn them into a dessert. Sugar and lemon […]

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Dark chocolate and blood orange tart

Some days, don’t you just need dessert? And even in summer, people need gooey, chocolate dessert. This indulgent dark chocolate tart is best served cold, so whilst it’s still packed full of cacao flavour, it’s still light enough to eat in these summer months. Blood oranges are just so much better. They’re complex, sweeter and […]

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