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Nikki Griffiths

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Whipped feta, blistered tomatoes and oregano

Recently, I was lucky enough to be asked to design and cater a supper club on behalf of Square Mile Farms, a vertical hydroponic farm in Paddington that grows ultra-fresh, highly-nutritious, super-delicious greens, herbs and micro-greens. They’re an amazing company, trying to do something different to improve the sustainability of farming in the UK and introduce […]

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Preserved lemon & chilli spaghetti

Those autumn nights are rolling in fast and so, spaghetti. The jury seems to be out about gluten free spaghetti, doesn’t it? I personally think it’s great and particularly like those ones that take a totally new view and use unexpected ingredients, such as the corn, brown rice and quinoa one by Garofalo and the […]

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Crispy oyster mushrooms

IT’S FRIDAY! So, put down your laptop, power suit and microwaveable soup container and replace them with your boyfriend’s underpants, Netflix and indulgent snacks. And boy, oh boy, have I got the ultimate low FODMAP Friday night snack for you. Basically what happened was that I had a very questionable punnet of oyster mushrooms in […]

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