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My own experience

I can’t even begin to think how many times I’ve been told by a doctor – “there’s nothing wrong with you” or “you don’t have IBS”.

Getting diagnosed (or not) with IBS

I’ve been on a 10 year mission to expel daily abdominal pain, week-long constipation and bloating that makes me look somewhere around the 4 months pregnant mark. In addition there was the associated and unavoidable knock to energy (I was constantly tired). The lack of productivity (I was too uncomfortable to focus). And most of all, the severely low confidence (I couldn’t wear what I wanted to wear and was uncomfortable in every social situation, aware of my bloated tum).

In summary? According to the NHS, I don’t have IBS.

So I went to meet a nutritionist called Alex Georgiou at Conscious Nutrition in Brixton, who finally prescribed me a low-FODMAP diet. It helped me feel normal again and it changed my life. Thanks Alex! 

It wasn’t all smiles from the start

Let’s face it – no one wants to cut out wheat, onions, garlic, dairy and a bunch of seemingly random fruit and veg. I was gutted. Food is my thing – always has been, always will be. I wasn’t prepared to change my diet THAT much and I hated the thought of it.

But over the course of the 8 week programme, I learned to focus on what I can eat, rather than staring at that list of ‘red’ ingredients. I started to adapt some of my favourite recipes and find substitutions or alternatives.

I’m not strict

Nikki Griffiths - F you FODMAPNow I’ve learned that I can control my gut health, I’m not as depressed when I’m going through a bad spell. I love food and socialising way too much to stick to this diet all the time, so I don’t. Generally I follow the diet at home and then am more relaxed when I eat out. And on holiday I forget the whole thing. After all, I’m human.

The effect of eating high FODMAP foods on people with a sensitive gut is cumulative. So once you’ve done the 6-8 week elimination phase, you shouldn’t expect to have as strong a reaction as you may have had before.

The main thing is, you can be in control of the way you feel. And that is a big deal mentally and emotionally.

F you FODMAP was born

The name is there to remind me of how we all felt at the start of our journey. It also acknowledges that this diet doesn’t have to stop us eating amazing food, every day.

The aim of this website is to share recipes and workarounds. I want to help anyone else in the same position as me. I promise that you can still cook and eat tasty, delicious, seasonal and inventive food.

Hopefully you’re finding this website helpful. I’d really love to hear what you think, get your feedback and hear what you’d like to see more or less of. Please send your thoughts (good or bad!) to

Thanks for swinging by!